Sports Data Entry Services

Sports Data Entry Services

Outsource Sports Data Capture/Entry Services:
Data capture is not an easy task to begin with. And, it definitely isnít method-proof at all. Itís like moving a mountain with a spoon. So, unless you got right tool, it ainít moving anywhere.

With the booming sports world progressing into digital world, the Sports data entry services in India has taken a leash on sports data record maintenance. They need to capture the data and then make a perfect document out of it. To maintain and analyze sports statistics, to evaluate the Real time sports data for live results and updated news telecast, sharing the back office data in on-going sport for dynamic change in game plan and/or players, to rebuff old sportsí protocols and constructing new one, you name it. The rigorous insertions of apprise athletics data is a new thing on the technology block.

What you can look forward to Ė

  • Qualitative & accurate Data capture and entry supporting the pre-existing back office documents
  • Time focused and updated sports statistics.

What more do we offer

Employee Report

Employee Report

To analyze annual expenditure of the employee.

Client Report

Client Report

To figure out the most profitable and least profitable client of yours.

Break-up Expenses Report

Break-up Expenses Report

To maintain a list of expenses that are broken down category wise, whether it is product line, monthly rental, communication bill, and manpower engaged, or it is simple catering expenses. It helps you analyze and judge the most and least cost-effective areas of your business.

Event Report

Event Report

To build an expense report of a single event.

Why Us

With trained staff and a bunch of sophisticated software like

  • Blosm
  • Capturx
  • EntryPoint i4

outsourced data entry projects from the sports world are treated with best-assured quality and precision. Let alone the timely delivery of genuine work to face the challenging rapidity of media for this field. We, at IWS, use cutting-edge technology to answer the mobility of such data because we understand the requirement of this commercial turf just fine.

Thus, if you are looking for precision, quality, affordable cost, industry-specific standard processing of sports data to streamline all the junk that you have on your hard-drive, Infinite World Solution is your best bet!

So what you are waiting for? Dial away our toll free number and take that bet in your stride.


Our Business Processes being renowned International Freight Forwarding and Consolidators are somewhat hectic. So when we searched for sharing our burden by Outsourcing, we came across IWS. After preliminary testing being satisfactory, we decided to outsource major part of our Shipping Documentation processing to them.
We are really pleased with the spontaneous response, keenness in ascertaining relevant particulars from us and the enthusiasm shown by IWS staff members, in briskly processing our documents and delivering timely Analysis Reports. Now we don't lack in authentic data. Well done IWS Ė and Keep it Up!

S.A. Logistics

We were searching for a reliable Outsourcing Agency for sharing our seaways shipping documents processing. Got the name of Infinite World Solutions recommended to us for Ocean Bill of Lading Processing, particularly. Our discussion with their staff borne fruit and we are continuously getting served by flawless and efficient processing, and compilation of our Ocean Bills of Lading for a particular overseas region.Happy we have saved costs; and also building unblemished Data-base in respect of this competency. We have no hesitation in congratulating the team of IWS for their prompt, speedy and efficient Service!

Williams Logistics

We partner with Infinite World Solutions in outsourcing Services of Property Preservation and Maintenance Ė under their Care Homes. This is a ticklish service where vacant properties and lands should be kept in an orderly manner; neat and tidy; secure and safe; and maintaining the property by close and periodical supervision.
This way we are very proud that IWS joins in all our endeavors of Care Homes to the relief of property mortgagers; local authorities and neighbors; as also assist home buyers in inspecting the properties for decision making. Thank you IWS Ė you deliver what is wanted!

KKM Mortgaging Services

For an upcoming business like ours, Lead Generation and popularizing our natural medicines all over to the prospective buyers, agencies, and outlets is highly prominent task. Canít afford our own team of experts; and so we were wondering to locate a well-versed Outsourcing Call Center. Infinite World Solutions answered all our requirements fully and squarely.
Glad we were to induct their expert Lead Generation Team and it paid rich dividends. Today, our customer volume has gone far ahead than what it was some months back. The efficient and sincere efforts of IWS Call Center are the reasons behind. We are really grateful for their help and dependable service!

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