Ocean Bill of Lading Processing Services

Ocean Bill of Lading Processing

Searching for a helping hand to share your burden of Transportation Management? Infinite World Solutions will be very happy to extend that helping hand.

Just see the credentials of Goodwill from our valued clients. We wish to get introduced to you that way. Ocean Bill of Lading Processing is one such heavy burden you can easily get rid of, by leaving that responsibility to our experts, ready to serve you with a smile.

Know More About Ocean Bill of Lading:

Ocean Bill of Lading is the document issued by the Shipping Company and signed by the Captain of the Ship (or his agent) confirming the receipt of the Cargo inside their Vessel, in good condition and order.

This document serves as a "Negotiable Instrument" for financial dealing purposes of receiving payment for the consignment, from the buyer (consignee) to the shipper (consignor) from the Bank, where the money has been already deposited by the buyer. The freight is already paid and therefore this Ocean Bill of Lading gets more importance for checking the accuracy of it in all aspects by professional eyes.

Why leave the Ocean Bill of Lading Processing to IWS?

In any Company dealing with manufacture and supply of goods to both national and international buyers, the transportation management will be hectic. The sale proceeds of the goods can be realized only through speedy, perfectly supervised and flawless delivery of the goods to respective destinations. The documentation relating to this transportation management is the only means of checking, whether this process is carried out correctly.

Ocean Bill of Lading is of special nature in these transportation documents, owing to the fact they include transactions between companies of two different countries. The language, methods of handling, systems and customs everything varies a lot between countries. Checking the correctness of the details and the accuracy of the whole documents needs special attention, which the Accounting or Logistic Staff of a company will find it a difficult proposition to accomplish.

Deputing the regular staff of the company, who have multi-various tasks to perform besides this, is not advisable for the reason they cannot give the much-needed whole-time attention. On the contrary, the professionals of IWS undertaking only this part of Ocean Bill of Lading Processing task, by virtue of their involvement in this particular job full-time, can do wonders.

There are so many aspects to check in an Ocean Bill of Lading. To quote a few – checking the contents and comparing with the actual invoice of the shipper for number of units; type of packing; total weight; value of the shipment; correctness of the addresses of consignee etc. There are chances for errors creeping in, since these details are filled in manually at the Shipping Company end.

The cost of errors will be huge, since every Ocean Bill of Lading carries consignments that are bulk and costly for air-shipments. This is just an example and there are other aspects as well.

Benefits you derive:

  • Cost saving since you are going to spend only a negligible fraction of amount compared to your regular staff
  • Experts at work to prevent losses due to erroneous documents
  • Data creation for record and periodical checking for improvements or change of transporters
  • Lessening the burden of your office staff to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Trust-worthy Service for a long-time

Your Ocean Bills of Lading will be our responsibility. You can relax by calling us at +91-11-45797575; or mail us at info@infiniteworldsolutions.com; or still easier fill the format published at our site for your convenience with all your requirements!

What more do we offer

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The whole plethora of steps involved increases the complexity, error ratio and substantial costs.

To avoid all such things that can lead to bad or somewhat more risky business, you must hire a remote back office agency that delivers operations at best of their abilities, with less intricacies.

Why us

Because our prospects are very clear

  • Solutions are meant for CUSTOMERS and for the true expression of their work. That is why our back office is built around you, for you.
  • Spreading the revolution in back office area of expertise.
  • Gaining trust by leading product-driven companies for outsourcing their logistics…in which we have already succeeded to a large extent, talking globally here.
  • We optimize the product movement proficiency with very little overhead cost.

Call our customer assistant today or email us at (info@infiniteworldsolutions.com) to know more about the services and how these can fit you.


Our Business Processes being renowned International Freight Forwarding and Consolidators are somewhat hectic. So when we searched for sharing our burden by Outsourcing, we came across IWS. After preliminary testing being satisfactory, we decided to outsource major part of our Shipping Documentation processing to them.
We are really pleased with the spontaneous response, keenness in ascertaining relevant particulars from us and the enthusiasm shown by IWS staff members, in briskly processing our documents and delivering timely Analysis Reports. Now we don't lack in authentic data. Well done IWS – and Keep it Up!

S.A. Logistics

We were searching for a reliable Outsourcing Agency for sharing our seaways shipping documents processing. Got the name of Infinite World Solutions recommended to us for Ocean Bill of Lading Processing, particularly. Our discussion with their staff borne fruit and we are continuously getting served by flawless and efficient processing, and compilation of our Ocean Bills of Lading for a particular overseas region.Happy we have saved costs; and also building unblemished Data-base in respect of this competency. We have no hesitation in congratulating the team of IWS for their prompt, speedy and efficient Service!

Williams Logistics

We partner with Infinite World Solutions in outsourcing Services of Property Preservation and Maintenance – under their Care Homes. This is a ticklish service where vacant properties and lands should be kept in an orderly manner; neat and tidy; secure and safe; and maintaining the property by close and periodical supervision.
This way we are very proud that IWS joins in all our endeavors of Care Homes to the relief of property mortgagers; local authorities and neighbors; as also assist home buyers in inspecting the properties for decision making. Thank you IWS – you deliver what is wanted!

KKM Mortgaging Services

For an upcoming business like ours, Lead Generation and popularizing our natural medicines all over to the prospective buyers, agencies, and outlets is highly prominent task. Can’t afford our own team of experts; and so we were wondering to locate a well-versed Outsourcing Call Center. Infinite World Solutions answered all our requirements fully and squarely.
Glad we were to induct their expert Lead Generation Team and it paid rich dividends. Today, our customer volume has gone far ahead than what it was some months back. The efficient and sincere efforts of IWS Call Center are the reasons behind. We are really grateful for their help and dependable service!

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