Small Business Phone Answering Service

Small Business Phone Answering Service (BPAS)

What does a businessman wishes whenever he sets up his telecom system?

  • He wishes a bunch of people who can greet the callers professionally.
  • Trained people with optimized networking to forward right call to the right person at the right time.
  • Reliable as well as scalable cloud communication platform that can handle hundreds and thousands of calls smoothly.
  • Business numbers (toll free) of series 800 and 1800.
  • And, last but not least, a panel to receive the calls and notifications with high security level. IWS is the magic bottle that contains the solution genie “BPAS” which grants all these wishes to the ones who need it pronto.

Why Our Genie?

Our existing clientele says, “Infinite World Solutions


is impressive, it’s efficient and it effortlessly pushes business to a step ahead”. Its because our Business Phone Answering Service is packed with mind-blowing features that you would definitely like to have in your business’s in-line communication process. Want know what features? Well, there is…

CRM Integration

We help to integrate call attending and reversal application on almost any CRM software suite.


You can choose to get a sms or an email notification for any kind of lead – marketing, product development or any other.

Call Recording

This helps in gauging call quality and understanding your customer’s requirement better. Means, you can always rewind and re-rewind the recording. Right?


Your data is reasonably secure because we use 128-bit SSL encryption for your calls.

24X7 Call Assistance

Replying to your emails, query calls, assisting technical breakdowns, network issue resolution. we do it without breaking a sweat.

Multi-admin Access

Your communication representator can see the call logs and revert when you are unavailable.

Real-time Analytics

Dynamic analysis and report building based on information entered into the system before actual time of use.

Single Paneled Management

You can call, add & delete details, modify the contact, email back and receive notifications all from a unified panel that we set for you.

Smartphone Integration and Mobile app

From the integration of our services with a unified CRM panel on your Smartphone to providing you with Business Phone Answering mobile app, name it and we do it.

Any more inquisitions? Connect with our customer care agent and get your answers promptly.

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